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Sport clay and pheasant hunting – 2010

Garrett has never been hunting before, so we decided to try shooting at some sport clays and then an afternoon hunt at the Kiowa Creek Hunting Club outside of town.  Looks like he enjoyed himself.

Elk Hunt 2000

As a group, we had quite a successful hunting trip this year.  There were six elk and one buck that were taken.  For me, I wasn’t able to take anything as I only possessed a bull tag.  As my luck would have it over five days, I was able to find...

Elk Hunt 1999

This year, I was able to get a Cow Elk three hours into opening day.  For anyone that has been Elk hunting, you know this is just where the work really begins.  With an animal that weighs 500 lbs – 800 lbs, it can be a real struggle getting...